Our Clients 

Our approach is simple: We work proactively to find the best candidates in the market. 


Insurance recruitment is increasingly competitive, and this is only going to intensify due to market trends.  
The number of active candidates is diminishing year by year with many only receptive to a specific direct approach. We regularly assist clients in these challenging roles and our approaches are targeted to those most suitable. 
In many cases, we will already have existing relationships in place with potential target candidates, our approaches are rarely cold. 
Our specialist knowledge of the market means that we understand your business requirements and we work in a number of ways to deliver the best candidates. 
We can tailor our services to best meet your needs whether this is to manage assignments on a contingent, exclusive, or retained search basis. 
Contingent Search 
We give you access to our candidates on an on-going basis. 
This method targets those who are actively looking for a new role. 
Exclusive Search 
You ask us to work on a role exclusively but only pay us once it has been filled successfully. 
There are a number of positives in using this method over the contingent model, namely that we will have more time to identify the best candidates for you and those candidates will not be approached continually by other recruiters. 
Retained Search 
You retain us to complete a detailed market map and to directly target an agreed and selected, number of individuals. 
Annual retainers have been beneficial for a number of clients as it enables us to fully understand their long-term goals and strategies. 
We provide you with a detailed updated report on a weekly basis. 
There is no limit to the number of instructions that can be made with an annual agreement. 
Market Reports 
If you are considering a firm merger, targeting a firm in the same space or branching out into a new area, we can offer you a detailed market analysis. 
We also have experience providing firms with due diligence reports on individuals/teams as part of their consideration process. 
At every step, we offer our clients support and honest advice when it comes to making key hiring decisions. 
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